Monday 27 September 2021

HYPATIA- the mother of modern MAGICK, (science, mathematics & philosophy)

There are 3 people pivitol to modern magick - Pythagoras, Apollonius and HYPATIA. Without these 3 our would would look and think very differently. Their studies & philosophies created society as we know it today - This is their greatest act of magick and their legasy.

These 3 fostered philosophical and practical Hermetics, from which have sprung many magickal traditions and religions. Without understanding them you cannot understand the forces of life that you are playing with.

Hypatia was third in importance and historical order but the closest to out era and understanding. Therefore, we must learn about her first.
There is a detailed magickal discussion about Pythagoras on our Patreon Page for our patrons. We will upload Apollonius to the the Magick Magazine channel soon.

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Vaccine Passports - How To Loose Friends & Alienate People with Human Rights Violations

How To Loose Friends & Alienate People 
Israel has found that vaccine passports split society into the jabbed and the jabless, creating the perception that the vaccine is de facto compulsory and that those who refuse one will face social exclusion. That division, public-health experts warn, could entrench inequalities and undermine the narrative that we are all in this together Perhaps most concerning, is creating a system that benefits those who are open to vaccination at the expense of those who have concerns. The pandemic has already inordinately affected people on the basis of race, gender, and socioeconomic status. By making a return to normal social activity contingent on vaccination, natural immunity, or a negative COVID-19 test, those inequalities could be ingrained further.
Summary from the Australian Human Rights website. If there is no specific law requiring a person to be vaccinated, individuals, businesses and service providers are encouraged to obtain legal advice about their own specific circumstances, and to carefully consider the position of vulnerable groups in the community before imposing any blanket COVID-19 vaccination policies or conditions. These may have unintended consequences, particularly for some people with disability, and may also breach federal discrimination law.
COVID-19 vaccinations and federal discrimination law | Australian Human Rights Commission

Australian Human Rights Commission Vaccine passports may have significant implications for privacy and autonomy, freedom of movement and association, equity and discrimination, particularly when it comes to accessing everyday goods and services.