Sunday 27 January 2019

Colloidal Silver - Dont take too much - Toxic side Effects

A REAL-life blue man, American Paul Karason, died on Monday at a hospital in Washington after suffering a heart attack, pneumonia and a stroke last week. He was just 62.

The reclusive Karason shot to fame after appearing on the US Today show in 2008 to discuss his unusual condition, called argyria. His skin began to turn blue 15 years ago, after he started using a silver colloidal drink to treat dermatitis on his face, after spotting an ad touting its health benefits in a new age magazine.

Collodial silver –silver dispersed in liquid- was used to fight infections and colds for thousands of years, but fell out of use with the invention of penicillin in the 1930s. It was banned in the US for causing argyria when the silver reacts with light to turn skin blue.

Karason didn’t realise his skin had turned blue until a friend pointed it out, he told US ABC News.
“He looks at me and says ‘What have you got on your face?’ ‘I don’t have anything on my face,”
Despite the extreme side effect, Karason was convinced the colloidal silver cured his other health problems, but it did not prevent the things that killed him prematurely and its heavy metal properties may have hastened his death -
I have met several similar cases here in Australia - it IS NOT rare to go blue from colloidal silver and one it happens it is irreversible

The moral of this sad tale:  - Don't over use colloidal silver. 
Do I have to keep telling you this until I go blue in the face?