Friday 18 September 2015

Coroner's Inquest Verifies Psychic - Shé D'Montford

Gold Coast Bulletin Prints Psychic's Message
Doubted by Authorities at The Time
Proven True by Coroner 2 years later
On the 23 August 2008, the yacht  ‘Blessed Be’ was caught in a storm and was lost. At that time, I was encourage by my husband a retired water police man, to contact the coast guard and give them the very specific information I had picked up using my abilities.

I gave them  Lat/Long well north of where they were looking, stating that the ship had rolled and the keel had snapped off and the ship was floating upside down just below the surface of the water just south east of the lat. of  Bundaberg.

Psychics often do not get feedback confirming their intuitions for many years when they run into the people they have read for, who happily tell them how accurate they have been and how much they have helped. Today, is one of those days. Today, all of these years later, I was sent confirmation of my readings on the lost yacht "Blessed Be". A friend, who knew what I had done, suggested that I look a website (link below) giving the details of "The Coroner's Inquest into the loss of the "Blessed Be"."

The Coronial Inquest was held on 26 July 2010, in regard to the incident where Bruce Glasson and Graeme Woodhouse, were lost at sea on ‘Blessed Be,’ on or around 23 August 2008. They release the facts that "The Blessed Be" had been knocked down in a bad storm. Bruce made contact on the emergency HF channel with Adelaide Radio Station and stated that they had been knocked down and had changed course to 070 degrees, it was not stated whether that is a True or Magnetic reading, there is approximately a 10 degree difference between them. Bruce also stated that they were about 100 nautical miles east of Brisbane and gave his Lat/Long. When the search eventually began that is where they searched. The Corona found that in checking the Lat/Long that they may actually have been actually 166.4 nautical miles due east of the northern tip of Moreton Island North of Brisbane.  Bruce stated that he had changed course to 070 degrees and had put out warps to slow the boat down and was at a speed of 4 knots. This would result in them moving further away from the coast of Australia. Every 10 hours would mean an additional 40 nms. This message was logged by Adelaide Radio Station operator but the search did not start until 5 September 2008, many days after that radio message and the search was started in the wrong place due to a muddle of boat names. This could have placed the yachet as far as another 400 nms north east of its last reported position - exactly as I stated... However, the Seaway Tower received a message back and thought it was ‘Blessed Be’ when in actual fact it was ‘Placid Sea’ that had answered the call. Due to this I was decried as inaccurate and the search started in the wrong location.

Finally the search moved to between Brisbane and Bundaberg, I told them to search just south of Bubdaburg, albeit that the search was conducted with the starting point of where Bruce had transmitted an email to Customs. Apparently they were able to obtain a triangulation via Goldstar communications to identify where that message was transmitted. The Lat/Long given was 35 nms closer to Australia than the Lat/Long given by Bruce over the radio. The rescue Coordination Centre used a drop buoy that shows drift patterns and coordinates the search pattern with the results given. Taking the assumption that the crew has made it into the life raft and is drifting with wind, tide and current. I said they were trapped in a rapidly capsized cabin, which the coroner has also confirmed as the most likely scenario. Looking at where they searched they concentrated closer to the Australian Coast than where Bruce’s radio message was transmitted and covered it very well with up to 8 or 9 planes and radar searches. They skirted the area twice where the yacht ran into trouble using the Lat/Long from the radio message but not as far as I suggested. They were understandably nervous about basing a search so far outside what they were expecting based upon what an intuitive had picked up... Eventually the search was called off.

It is far too easy for the skeptics to embarrass people in authority to not listen to psychics even if they have a track record of accuracy. Unfortunately, a local radio announcer bagged what I was attempting to do and the coast guard, that up to that point had been considering the information, did ceased to treat my recommendations seriously. If they had one, if not both, of the men might be alive and with their families today. As with all bullies, sometimes skeptics go too far and cost someone their life.
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This letter was sent to me by one of the Coast Guard Volunteers just after this incidence

To She` D`Montford
We want to thank you for what you have done to assist in the search for the missing yacht “Blessed Be.” It took courage to bring your notes in. Do not be discouraged by the media’s disparaging handling of your assistance, it is appreciated by us.

The information you received was surprisingly correct. Yes, the last official communication from the yacht was150nm north east of Moreton Island and not close off Southport as reported in the paper. Yes, we feel, as you said that the vessel may have gone down well north of Fraser Island and been driven north by the high winds rough seas and prevailing currents. What really surprised us all was the late confirmation of a radio report from the Blessed Be that states, as you had written in your notes, that the vessel did a 180 roll in heavy seas after possibly hitting a submerged but floating container. Since then there have been no more confirmed reports or sightings.

You described the yacht becoming submerged but floating north beneath the surface of the water itself. That was very insightful for someone without nautical experience. Indeed, from that last report, this appears to have been the case, however if that happened in the location you described with the latitude and longitudes you gave us (South of Bundaberg) it will be difficult to find or recover anything unless it is by chance. Occasionally large ships on this rout will dredge up yacht debris on their anchor. Now that the search has been called off that may be the only chance of locating her.

Do not be disappointed, or discouraged by the rude media treatment of your assistance, your efforts are greatly appreciated, as are the efforts of all the volunteers working on this. Keep up the good work.

Air Sea Rescue volunteer who wishes his name with held