Monday 7 October 2019

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Friday 4 October 2019

Are We Being Victimized By Our Vets?

Are we being victimized by our vets?
Have our vets, who hold a position of trust, become predators?

My dog had a tick and I have removed it - her symptoms are not too severe but the vet quoted me between $800-1800, with a pensioner discount, for Antivenom treatment -so I researched best treatments to try and find a cost effective vet - It appears that your chances of your dog’s recovery are halved when you take them to a vet for the Antivenom-if they recover, most dogs recover within 4-6 days “with or without treatment” and that many dogs die from severe reactions to the Antivenom -
Then I found this Australian study:
“...There is limited evidence to date to support a benefit, or lack thereof, for tick antitoxin serum therapy in the treatment of tick paralysis in Australia. One major study by Atwell et al8 involved a prospective survey of tick paralysis in dogs. The population consisted of 577 dogs treated by clinics located along the eastern coast of Australia. The information gathered included signalment, clinical signs, tick-host relationship, treatment, disease progression and recovery, and preventative measures....” -
What the hell !!!???
The paper goes on to say the serum is cheap and mass produced commercially and doesn’t work as far as they know - in fact on a lot of cases it can do more damage- and there is no recommended dosage -
I found another recent Study from Czechoslovakia that shows that antihistamines is a better treatment -
 So, with this kind of scam being approved in Australia to rip-off people in grief over their beloved pets, for Thousands of $$$... how can the medical professions call natural therapists charlatans???

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