Wednesday 10 June 2015

In Praise of Good Men

I have just been responding to the comments of a young attractive girl who was sexually oggled then assaulted by a group of young men - who deserve to be punished for what they did. Just because it wasn't rape does not make their behaviour childish pranks - People who blatantly breach natural ethical codes must be corrected or they never learn what is right.  - They have to learn correct behaviour for the adult world - Men need to be men and responsible for their own behaviour.

I grew up on the Gold Coast  in the 70s wearing string bikinis, skinny dipping and sunbathing topless and to the credit of most men they  do control themselves. I never felt threatened or in danger no matter how I dressed (and I often dressed scandalously. It was great fun.)

Good on you Fellas !!

I am genuinely proud of most men.

The vast majority don't use the excuse of "I can see it therefore I can have it" - Grown, mature, ethical, men know groping is stealing a gift that is not given - only very little boys think they can have everything they see. If you walked into a shop where they were teasing you with goods for sale and just grabbed the display and took it you would be charged with theft. Similarly these boys should be charged for groping this girl as they did not have her permission to take liberties.

I have to say that I am happy to live in a country where I could walk down the street naked and the first response of most men here would be "Are you OK?."


Most men are good.
Don't let the brats spoil your attitude for the rest of them.

Every community acknowledges that attacking a woman is a low act. All our souls cry out that it is wrong. Most men rise to the next step, protecting a woman  - no matter what. This is the mark of high civilisation  - Chivalry was the beginning of the progress from barbarism towards strong ethical men who are truly spiritual.

Guys you don't get thanked often enough... 
I just want to say thank you to all the beautiful men who have passed through my life.

Keep up the good work - 
We women DO Notice.
  The following was found carved on the wall in a castle in Scotland 

The Rules of Conduct for Knights

1. A true knight must be a gentleman, yet fail not in duty.

2. A true knight must up hold the dignity of man & woman, remembering that all are borne free & equal in dignity & rights.

3. A true knight's manner of living is an example to the young.

4. A true knight shall at no time act outrageously, nor murder, nor be cruel to man or beast.

5. A true knight respects & defends the rights of all men & women to hold & practice religious beliefs other than their own.

6. A true knight shall take no part in wrongful quarrel, but at all times support the rights of all men & women.

7. A true knight's word is his bond.

8. A true knight must be honourable in all things & know good from evil.

9. A true knight must be of honest demeanour & not seek worship unto himself.

10. A true knight must seek out such quests as leads to the protection of the oppressed & never fail in charity, fidelity & truth.

11. A true knight speaks evil of no man. A slanderous tongue brings shame & disgrace to an honourable knight.

12. A true knight never betrays a trust or a confidence given to him by a brother knight.

13. A true knight must so order his life that by his contribution the people of the world may hope to live together in greater peace and tolerance.