Tuesday 4 August 2015

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Monday 3 August 2015

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Saturday 1 August 2015

The Modern Spiritual Warrior's Battle Cry

In an interview, Bob Dylan, a modern spiritual knight, said sometimes he hears the lyrics of his songs on the radio and says to himself "WOW! Did I really write that?" 

We all revisit things from our past and go WOW! 

Indulge me in one of those moments.
Here is  letter to a magazine I was writing for in 2007, which made me feel  "WOW! Did someone really say that about me?" ... 
Re-reading my reply from this distance of 8 years, made me go WOW too. I now can see that it was from a place of rare inspiration beyond myself that occasionally lights the heart of a spiritual warrior with the need to help others.
I hope you enjoy this in the spirit it was shared - not to brag or boast, rather it is from a place of humility that recognizes that every once in a while that we can all raise ourselves to a high point of inspiration that may influence another to be all that they can be and to make this world a better place. - 
This one is for all the modern spiritual knights - “Beau Seant”
(Beau Seant was the battle cry of the Templar Knights)

Hey Shé,
My name is Wanda. I am 17 years of age. Being a Sydney Uni student, and in the habit of checking references, I love all of the things that you write in Spellcraft, as they are so well researched and accurate. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge that you make available for people who are new on the path like me. After checking your stuff so much, for so long I have begun to trust you. I was a little disturbed when I was at a recent pagan event, in Qld and I heard some gossip about you. So I decided to do some further research on you and WOW. I just want to say from what I have found you are a remarkable woman.

Leaving aside all of the magical training you have received, and the fact that you were a poltergeist, a renown professional psychic, one of the few to predict the 9/11 disaster, a successful model, (I saw a picture of you with Elle and you acted with Jessica Alba) and that your family comes from a long line of Barons and you have saints, royalty and gypsies in your family, apart from all of this, you were voted Queensland businesswoman of the year in 1996. You have taken the government head-on, even to court on several issues, Micro-chipping, Therapeutic Goods Regulations, ATSIC, Religious Rights and Uranium Mining, not small issues and YOU WON. Your writings on Laetrile therapy - Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin) have lead to Queensland Health allowing this form of therapy again since 2003 “…for patients with an advanced malignancy where all possible conventional treatment has been exhausted..” You have been taken to court in Sydney for practicing witchcraft. You have been invited to speak at seminars and on radio, on topics as diverse as possible effect of implementation of the GST on individuals and their rights, through to ‘The Council of Churches.’ Most of these you don’t even put on your website because you are too modest. Your qualifications that you do mention do check out. psychology, social work and architecture, at GC Griffith’s, the seminary collage here and overseas. You were “the first” Religious Pagan Marriage Celebrant registered with the Attorney Generals Dept and the first pagan church registered in Qld, BEFORE the witchcraft law was repealed… and it just goes on… You are an author. One of your works of non-fiction is described as “Truly important and revelatory for our day and age,” on several websites. Others find it controversial to say the least. You have traveled around the world, America, Africa, China, Hong Kong, and The Pacific. And whilst doing all of this you have raised 2 children on you own. It sounds like you never had time for a personal life, but your personal life is what you were copping the most flack for and I can see why. You have had relationships with some rather high profile men including a Prince, politicians and captains of industry, gangsters, high ranking police and military officers, and Australia’s most notorious gigolo, said that you are the best sex he has ever had. There have been male models, bodybuilders, doctors, famous writers, actors, radio personalities, rock stars, and tough guy SAS officers, and you have even met the Sultan of Brunei and your cousin is Sophie Monk the pop/film star. Sounds like a magical life to me. 
A Modeling Photo of Shé
Its so glam but you are so down to earth.

I think if people are going to gossip they should have at least done something similar in their lives first to give their judgments some credibility. From what I have found you are not going to have too many peers who could judge you. People should get used to doing their own research before they believe any thing, otherwise when they open their mouths, and repeat rubbish without knowing the truth, they just look like gullible fools.

I just want to say, I want to be just like you and I want a life like yours! You’re a Goddess!

Worshipfully - Wanda.
P.S. When are they going to write your life story? Can I be your biographer?

You are a Goddess too but the most magickal thing in life is to truly be yourself.
Don’t put me on a pedestals or I will fall off.  (I must say that I am impressed with your research skills. It must have taken you ages to dig all of that up on me.)

My half-sister has said that she feels my life seems glamorous to her. But I envy her. She has been married to one man and has had that support, stability, security and constant love to help raise her own 2 boys. This late in my life I will never have the opportunity of having that pleasant domesticity that so many other women fight against. It is my fantasy. You see, Glamour is relative. Obviously the gossipers think its glamorous other wise they wouldn’t mention it. But I lived through it and it didn’t seem very glamorous at the time. Don’t try and copy me or you will make my mistakes, and there have been plenty.

But I would encourage you to be true to yourself and true to your own heart no matter what. That is what will lead you to your own greatness, whatever form that takes.

Develop your own “Paratge.” Paratge is an old Pagan concept of honour that includes a sense of balance with nature and the karma of The Three fold Law of Return and empathy. It was intrinsic to early Pagan beliefs and unfortunately it seems to somehow be lost in the modern Pagan practise. Indigenous Pagan practitioners appealed against the inquisitions on the grounds of paratge. Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse railed at Pope Innocent III “.....the Church at Rome and the preachers are covering paratge with shame. They have cast it down from its high place, and if you do not raise it up, it will vanish forever. If worth and paratge do not rise again through you, then paratge will die - with it the whole world will die. You are the true hope of all paratge and the choice is yours: either you show valour, or paratge dies!” It not really up to any Pope or higher authority.  Its up to each individual.

This is how I have tried to live my life. If there is anything in it worth emulating it is that. If you see something that is out of balance or unjust, and you have the power to do something about it, no matter how small then DO what you can. Even if its just picking up another’s litter, in a park that you like to visit for meditation, if you can correct an erroneous statement about The Craft on an e-group, if its writing a petition in protest to a law change then sending it around the city or on the internet to get it signed, if you can get on to talk-back radio and tell others that we are not being told the truth about Australia’s Nuclear policies, if you can help grant someone their deepest wish, or as you have done here, verbally defending someone who isn’t around to defend themselves, then you have begun to practise paratge by correcting an imbalance and who knows on what great personal adventures it will lead you.

Eternal Blessing to you Wanda.
PS : Spheres, our sister magazine, did do a 5 part interview with me about some of my childhood experiences. You can catch them in the back issues  - the first 5 issues of Spheres the Spirit Guide.
“Beau Seant”
2 little words that mean so much - 'Beau' is French for 'Beautiful' & 'Seant' = 'Sowing' in old French, 
it comes from the same root word as 'season'...
so the battle cry is not about death or glory it means to:
"Sow a beautiful seed at the right time to reap a glorious harvest."
Would that I could plant one of those seeds in everyone I meet.