Wednesday 28 June 2017

Political Correctness is FASCISM Pretending to be Manners

So... a person can’t use the term "Negro" (Noun) or "Black," which is racism, discrimination, prejudice,  and bigotry! Yet an African-American can use it in a song every 3 seconds and it is played on the radio and TV that is ok?

So... a person can’t use the term "Aboriginal" (Not the Slang: Abo)– That too is racist and discriminatory. It is now Indigenous Australians!

Gay marriage is 'Banned in Australia' but we also are not allow to use the words lesbian/transvestite/gay (it is now LGBT)  Yet, how is this less discriminatory than not being able to marry who you love because of being a lesbian, transvestite or gay …???

We are being encouraged by our media to not use the word "Muslim" anymore because it may hurt someone’s religious feelings, yet all the experts that are behind the keyboards and on TV and in the media, would prefer us to use the term “Terrorism.” How can that be more acceptable?

So... as a journalist, how do I write up: 'A white man that walked into a mosque at prayer time, detonating a device, which injures, disables, disfigures and also annihilates the place taking out people that are just praying while on their mats;' - whilst still being nondiscriminatory and politically correct?

A Facebooker replied to the question this way:
“Life as we know it in Australia is coming to abrupt halt thanks to mentally scarred gay, lesbian, indigenous, one-legged, PTSD riddled, bleeding hearts, insisting on political correctness, while hard-working, struggling families pay taxes to support them (currently 1 person on welfare to each single working taxpayer) & having to suffer the wrath of a country going down the chute while grandstanding pollies invite every despot to take the jobs away from those who are working.“

 We can all see this happening, but can the media actually help restore sanity, rather than continue to perpetuate the problems? There is a way. Let's stick with our above example to illustrate.

As I see it, the technical term for anyone who kills another human, not in self-defense or whilst defending their families/property, is a "MURDERER" - regardless of religion, colour, sexual-orientation or gender. A terrorist is just a "MURDERER" plain and simple.

They should ban the words "terrorism" and "terrorist" and therby stop giving terrorism free publicity, which is what they are seeking. Then TERRORISM WOULD STOP over night. (And the newspapers and governments could no longer profit from it!)

In fact, whilst we are at it, ban all adjectives from use in all journalism - then the news would read very similar this:

"A person walked into a mosque at prayer time and detonated a device, that killed 3 and injured 24 others. At 2.22pm on Friday the 4th, the Middleville mosque was bombed whilst people were praying while on their mats. The murderer was a man with mental health issues and of the same religious denomination as those praying. A memorial service will be held at the same location on the 6th for the deceased."

This type of journalism is of no political or terrorist value, saves trees,
and does not glamorize the crime to those who are suggestible, weak-willed, weak-minded copy cats.