Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The All Consuming God - Is Your Life a Sacrifice?

Can you stay focused enough to read through this whole important post?
It might be the most important thing you read in your life.
This is THE issue of our generation. 

The internet could be the prophesied Celtic “Ogmius” - the connection of this new form of writing could overcome the onset of the disinformation campaigns... freeing us all.

Yet the mythic giant wielding a loquacious club is being battled by simple distraction - we are not listening long enough to hear anything important. The internet has the ability to overcome so much propaganda. Trigger words are implanted in the hypnotic media that make us switch off. Instead of using it to correct the issues we are using it for the Kardashians and to debate Donald Trump’s hair -The words ‘easily distracted’ have disappeared from report cards to be replaced with ‘poor multitasking skills’ .... Now distraction is the enemy whilst connection through social media is the illusion. 

Added to this we are being enslaved to drugs and shackled by debit. Our standard of living is lower than our grandparents, lowered by insane inflation. Two people work overtime to achieve what one did in regular hours without any loans or credit cards, whilst our children are being raised from near birth in indoctrinating institutions by strangers like Dicken’s orphans....yet we don’t mind as long as we can buy the latest IPhone. The Morlocks have induced apathy in the Eloi with consumerism, whilst the consumer is themselves consumed.

All we have to do to wake up is listen, focus and then touch one other heart and mind in the same way we were roused from our slumber. Whisper gently to someone you care about. “Don’t do this to yourself. Please wake up.”

If you are awake PLEASE SHARE.

Blessings to you all.
"...So there is no real need to push or pull people into awareness or awakening. Like repetitive lessons in any classroom, despite the distraction and disruption by some, the ideas being put out there are being absorbed and are founding new ideas and new waves of consciousness. All we have to do, therefore, is to be aware of this ourselves, so we can keep guiding these thought streams, and to be patient. For time, truly, will tell."

Shé Replied:
Really? I hope so. -I KNOW TOO MANY ILLITERATE PEOPLE TO BELIEVE THAT DISTRACTED LEARNING IS ABSORBED. I see so many who just don't go to events any more - they just don't go out their doors - they sit on tinder to fill their void with virtual love or try to find spiritual awareness on youtube - the danger is real. Even in the new age movement there is so much disinformation falsehood and distraction - The opponents who would enslave this world are targeted and focused. Our only defense is hyper-vigilance and dedicated personal practice of spiritual discipline. Health and happiness can tell us now if we stop being distracted away from what matters.

Leanne says:  "My standard of living is way higher than my grandparents. They lived in country Armidale NSW in a 2 bedroom cabin with a dirt floor for parents and 8 kids. They drank their tea and cold drinks out of jam jars!..."

Shé Replied: Yes but in real terms - How much debit do you have? How much time do you have for your loved ones and your family? How healthy are you? How Happy are you? - That's the whole point it is not about jam jars or iphones - whilst we have more gadgets, and plenty of excess yet QUALITY OF LIFE standard of living has dropped phenomenally - 
It cost them 1 person for 10 to live a life.
It is now, on average, costing 3 people to live one life. 
What a waste! 
2 out of every 3 lives are being wasted. Think about that - 
Is it your life that is being sacrificed to the consumerism god or your family and friends?

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