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Did You Know That Petroleum Jelly is a Natural Product???

Did You Know That Petroleum Jelly is a Natural Product???

They name is so misleading, but yes, its completely natural, and has a 1000 uses.
The raw material for petroleum jelly was discovered in 1859 in Titusville, Pennsylvania, United States, on some of the country's first oil rigs. Workers noticed the paraffin-like material forming on rigs they used it on cuts and burns because they believed that it hastened healing.

Robert Chesebrough, a young chemist refined the unrefined "rod wax", as the drillers called it, by distilling the lighter, thinner part of the rod wax, he created a light-colored gel. Chesebrough patented the process of making petroleum jelly by U.S. Patent 127,568 in 1872. The process involved vacuum distillation of the crude material followed by filtration of the still residue through bone char.
..... that simple ... straight out of the ground then distilled and filtered no chemical additives. After much testing NOTHING has ever been found that moisturizes human skin better than a wax of a substance that oozes from the ground naturally. 

Mother Nature's Moisturizer - 
More natural than most “natural” skin care products on the market today.
Fine lines improve with petroleum jelly almost instantly
AS with all things make sure you get a high quality product and, yes, it is for external use only .
Petrolium Jelly Not Plastic
As far as I know petroleum jelly -in any of its forms -IS NOT USED IN MAKING PLASTICS: "Although crude oil is a source of raw material (feedstock) for making plastics, it is not the major source of feedstock for plastics production in the United States. Plastics are produced from natural gas, feedstocks derived from natural gas processing, and feedstocks derived from crude oil refining." May 17, 2017

 Few people know that in the past, plant oils were used to make plastics, particularly coconut oil.

The Coconut Conspiracy
Coconut was used in the past to make plastics, but the process is more difficult and expensive than using petroleum. After having large factories that produced coconut oil,  it fell in price until it was nearly valueless. Then healthfood industy started marketing it.
There have alway been articles out there warning against the over use of coconut oil but they have been submerged under the positive propaganger of the coconut oil retailers. Coconut oil oxidizes the skin causing premature signs of aging - ever noticed that your skin darkens and goes wrinkly after using it -
It used to be in heaps of tanning products in the 80s and was removed because it damages the skin.
Coconut Oil is solid at room temp and can clog your veins and cause other very serious health problems. It is hard to digest and extremely high in calories - it should be used very sparingly Coconut Oil is one of those supposed health products - like soy - that will be shown to be dangerous in a couple of years

Toni-Maree Hannan "It drives me insane how big (essential oil)companies ... try to tell people its not natural. peeve of mine." 

Naturally Occurring
Still a lot of people think like Monk De Scyber  "You cannot find petroleum jelly in the wild. Like. At all. Even it's discovery was the result of a LOT of machining. Unless we grow oil rigs and I missed a memo."

You have probably seen photos of it in the wild and not realized as it is darker in nature - You can find it if you go to places where it precipitates out of the oil. It is most often seen on oil rigs but occurs anywhere petroleum seeps to the surface of the ground and is left - see the 2 following images - one from an oil rig pipe and one from an oil well in the middle east...
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Both of these images are showing naturally occurring petroleum precipitate i.e. petroleum jelly - and the authors are wining about how it occurs naturally and gums things up.
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WARNING  - Petroleum Jelly IS Being Used As A Food Additive
!!Petroleum Jelly should not be used as a food additive!!
Scarily, a major U.S. ice cream manufacturer has recently been accused of adding Petroleum Jelly to their ice cream to simulate a creamy consistency...   
- YUCK - Guys just use REAL Cream Please!!!

Petroleum Jelly is for external use only thank you.

I have said it one but I will say it again....
As with all things, make sure you get a high quality product and, yes, it is for external use only !!


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