Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Carbon Credit Offset Scams, Junk-Mail & Chickens

Junk Mail is Proliferating despite the advent of the internet. Only 4 years ago it was a billion pieces of junk mail sent out world wide a year, but  now it has reached
Over a billion pieces of Junk Mail sent every month -

That is a lot of trees being sacrificed 
and for what? 

99% of junk mail is never opened nor read or in as in my case, becomes toilet paper for my chickens to poop on.

Many Large companies are using their Carbon Credit Offsets to purchase Amazonian and other endangered rain forests to use for pulping for the production of junk mail - what a waste! Then they use the denatured land to dump their land fill and toxic waste in a country with our protective legislation. So the trees can never grow back.

The Carbon Credit Offset Tax is destroying the lungs of the planet -

Another example of backward thinking designed not for the benefit of the planet but so that the air we breathe can be taxed.

Here is an example of the madness: The UK people have responded so well to the request to save energy and the UK has saved so much energy that it plans to stop energy saving to boost its emissions trading programme. It is about to pass legislation stopping energy producers reducing the amount of coal and gas they burn… this is nuts and shows they are far more interested in the tax than the benefits.
This is a far more dangerous situation than the global warming scam - ( I laugh sitting in the middle of the coldest winter on record for 6 years in a row) - Sure the climate alters and goes through cycles - it has done since before we started recording it - but take away the trees and we will see drastic changes, like global starvation and suffocation.

The best thing to off set carbon is the trees that breath carbon in - Green house emissions make trees grow faster which means more carbon is being processed into oxygen -It is the way it has always been  - one offsets the other naturally -  if we allow the green house to become green... That is if there are trees left that have not been culled in the race to offset the carbon tax...

This video clip is my playful but pissed off early morning take on this issue:
1) Please share comments about what you think of this situation 
2) What you do with your junk-mail -

Maybe, if we all join in we can help get the message through
that the junk mail does not work. Maybe we can embarrass these large companies and show them that junk mail creates bad will and is ineffective anyway. Maybe we can reach the conscience of someone we can convince into thinking a different way about how they spend their advertising dollars . Let them know it pisses you off so much that you will not patronise any big business that regularly send out large weekly catalogs.
Lets all give it a shot and I hope you enjoy my little video

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