Monday, 14 April 2014

The Green Search for Little Blue Men Loses Sight of the Human Cost

The idea of protecting the environment is to make sure that it is there for our children to enjoy in the future - Not to depopulate it of humans & keep is secretly hidden away - Humans have become the endangered species on Springbrook Mt when Government funds allocated to buy land adjacent to the national parks has been missed used to purchase and close down business and infrastructure essential to the survival of the centuries old community in Springbrook... - 

Instead, priority has been given to this group in the newly acquired area... See Picture....

This shows how just ludicrous the situation has become. 
I did not vote for this . Did YOU? 

$40.1 million dollars of your taxpaying dollars here - It is time we started prosecuting the idiots who deal so recklessly with our money and are destroying lives, homes and futures in the process. -The Greens laws in Victoria, preventing back-burning cost nearly 300 human lives during the bushfire season - 

The vocal minority is blackmailing Australia. If this was happening in their back yards they would be screaming to the press so why are we so silent. 

It is time to DEMAND JUSTICE- 
 I say lock up all who are responsible for this farce. 


- The article linked here has more details -


  1. The only criminal and dangerous thing is people like you who are materialists and suppose you have the right to continue to expand your cities and destroy whats left of the earth. Whenever a move is made to cull humans or their evil activity - logging, hunting, fishing, war, economics then people like you play hero and stand up for the injured in human society. But when animals are killed on the roads etc, where are you?

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    2. Culling HUMANS??? Can you hear yourself??? Come on Grissly...., you work for "wilderness sports," surly you of all people know that a species cannot survive if it KILLS its own - additionally many man made sites have become stable habitats allowing the regeneration of species - such as North Atlantic oil rigs and Rhylston dam at Dunn's Swamp. Additionally you have to admit that 40million dollars to establish a SMERF zone is bloody rediculous - preserving wildlife is one things - getting rid of humans to preserving imaginary little blue men is another...
      But you want to cull humans, can I give you a list of where to start,? Start with the idiot who made the decision to wrecked the lives of so many families on Springbrook mountain... that is one subspecies that need to be culled from the pack!!!