Saturday, 12 December 2015

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility - (for the teacher and the student) -

Here's a conversation I recently had on FaceBook:-

Marian Mohamoud
"do you know anyone that can help with body switch? as in exchanging bodies"

Shé D'Montford
"Yes I can - it is not hard - but Its not a simple explanation, some things have to be shown.."

Marian Mohamoud
"can't i just purchase this ritual or rituals online?"

Shé D'Montford
"Wow... It is a shame that so many now have this attitude... this is advanced stuff - you need the correct processes or you risk psychic psychosis... if you purchase anything claiming to be this online beware, its fake as needs to be taught properly. Face -to- face."

Marian Mohamoud
"what attitude? you're the one that said it was rituals (without any mention of training) that you get from a workshop, i can't be hanging about a workshop to be taught stuff, you made it seem like it was a buy and go thing."

Shé D'Montford
"That was all in your head -I never said anything about buy and go - This training takes years - there are no quick fixes - It is all easy ....when you know how... no short cuts -"

Marian Mohamoud
"' it seems more like you're just a bullshitter."
Well Marian is entitled to her opinion but no matter what she wants to tell herself the reality is this:
Advanced stuff takes advanced training

- all things are easy when you know how -
but not all people are worthy of learning them -

I take very few apprentices on - and I meet them usually through my workshops - and they prove themselves worthy
1) via their ethics and
2) determination over time -

There are NO SHORT CUTS - I had 2 teachers that gave me traditional training - It is a long process to learn properly.
Patience and commitment are pre-requisites.

Anyone who has ever done any of my workshops knows that the techniques I teach, work! My advanced techniques work just as well - but they have to be learned the right way.

From hard experience, I have learned to only teach these to people who are worthy
- Can you just imagine if someone with the obviously bad attitude that this Marian Mohamoud has, learned this advanced technique, imagine the damage she WOULD definitely do…. ???

"Great power requires great responsibility"
- I can't teach irresponsible people because I can't teach them how to be responsible and I cant teach people to use power in a good way if they are not good within themselves
- It takes time to find this out -
Teaching a person with character flaws advanced techniques, can have serious consequences.
(Isn't that what Star Wars is about?)

So sorry -
But I will only teach things that can be used to do damage to those I can trust to be responsible enough not to cause damage - and my trust must be earned and my trust once lost can not be regained.

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