Sunday, 17 May 2015

Magick Brings Joy - It is the Mundane Life that is Tedious & Joyless -

Magick Brings Joy

Magick is Happening everywhere and there’s a lot of it too...

I was sad to see a joyless academic text, by someone who spends time in the Australian Pagan community, that claimed that magick and the Pagan community, was only a passing trend because of movies like The Craft, Practical Magic and Harry Potter. I am happy to say that these movies came out 10 years ago, but the Pagan community is still here getting bigger and stronger.

Sure, groups come and go, form and then become formless, but there are more of them. And more individuals in the census claiming that their belief system is one of many forms of Paganism. Fashions, cell phones and social media are things that ‘trend’ and go (sorry Myspace) but Magick endures. Magick never faltered - Magick always led. Magick is a basic human need that has been around as long as mankind, that pervades EVERY belief system. The study of the science magick continues on to this day and is growing stronger and it keeps me very busy here and overseas. It keeps many of my friends and peers racing from place to place too and we hardly get a chance to see each other. Yet when someone needs something we make ourselves available. Magickal practitioners are there for others during the sorrows and the joys of life. Ceremonies are required not only for the turning of the wheel of the year but also for the turning of life. Ceremonies need to be performed for birth and deaths. For weddings and heartbreak. For children starting school and leaving home. To create work and to recover from loss of employment. For post traumatic stress after war or victimisation and sometimes for mental illness. However, it is also for the times when there are no dramas and we are just immersed in joy and are grateful to the vast magickal universe that allows us to be living on the jewel of a world at this most interesting time. 

Magick brings Joy. It is the mundane life that is tedious and joyless. 

Magickal practitioners help people return to their joy - 
Now that is Magick!

So if I seem a bit slow getting the magazine out, please don't feel neglected... Know that I am busy helping someone somewhere- just as you are too...
And together, the more people we help with magick the more magickal we will make the world.

You are in my thoughts and heart always, that is why I go to all this trouble of producing this magazine. It is for you. Every joy to you.
Shé D’Montford  - Editor

PS: The next issue of Magick Magazine should be arriving in your mailboxes within the next 2 week - Enjoy!

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  1. After reading She's comments and taking notea on another persons (limited educational viewpoint on all tbings energy including magic)
    Magic - defined. Bless those wonderful creators including people who were once basically pennyless to share theur natural magical gift to allow them to become financially independant to bring magic to souls of millions demonstrating that magic is real. Unlike a leacture in any leacture paper. The writer forgets it was their own style of natural magic to assist them into judging natural magick
    As for natural magick that bern on mother earth since time began. And long after we all return to our natural soul state of bring. Magick is as light as the positive as you feel. Magick is as dark and black as the darkest night and your own based fears too. Magick is unconditional ppwer. Its how you use your own energy that limits the human side of your mind and magick combined.
    Having blind faith in you is the most powerful magick you could adk for. Bb����