Sunday, 19 May 2013

Bali Blessings

Bali Blessings

Down the stairs the smell of garbage filled the air. The girls in the market at Ubod begged and grabbed at her. She felt pity but was vaguely annoyed. They stood in front of her "Prease buy. Vely cheap. Bling you good ruck and bressings." The magician looked a the rainbows coloured piles of junk. She fixed the gaze of the most persistent vendor who had hold of her by the wrist and would not let go. "No. You need the blessings not me." The magician placed her index finger on the 3rd eye of the peddler and pushed in a small bubble of energy. The markets girl's eyes rolled back into her head. She staggered sideways. The shouts of the peddles stopped and the lowest level of the market went silent. When she opened her eyes a few seconds later, she smiled and lowered her trinkets and walked contentedly away, a sweet floral smell wafting around her as she went. The sellers looked at each other for a moment then the market erupted with the girls in the market begging and grabbing at the magician. "Bress me. Give me good ruck too."

The giant stepped in between, as the magician shaking her head, retreated back up the stairs and into the car.

Unfortunately, there are those who will always want more than they have. To them paradise will always smell like garbage and seeing the blessings of one will make others greedily forget that they can give blessings, even when they have been reminded by seeing it with their own eyes.

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