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You Want The Truth? - -- - Can YOU Handle the Truth???

Do you think you could handle the real facts about the world that you live in?
Would you feel so unsafe that you would tell me that I am crazy?
You want the truth???It might feel like you have to change so many things that you just couldn’t do it – but you can.. You can live in the burbs and become free - a fringe dweller in the city. Don’t be apathetic about what is happening around you. Don’t be scared into inaction or overwhelmed into disinterest. You have the power to change these things, but you have to be aware of what to change. These truths affect you now and affect your children’s future.

Socrates, 500 years BC taught that the key to freedom was asking the right questions. Questions stimulate thought, debate and discussion, from which solutions will arise. It is not about being a sophist or a skeptic whose religion is to believe nothing. It is the ability to say, “Hang on this doesn’t add up. This doesn’t make sense.”

The propaganda merchants have made us believe that if we ask “Why not?” that the same thing will happen to us that happened to Kennedy. But your assassins are not on a grassy knoll. They lay in wait in your ignorance and inaction. They shoot at you in your own home from the TV.

The Truth About Television
We spend so much money on these addictive toys. But they are so much more than that. They hypnotically flash at 25 cycles per second against an electronic impulse of 80 cycles per second. This harmonic pattern of vibrations is what makes you sleepy when you drive or take a train. Like a skilled hypnotist it lulls you into a wakeful trance and opens you to you receptive best. Why? Not to programme us to be all that we can be. Rather TV instils paralysing fear through cops and robbers’ shows, hate and disaster consciousness through the news that ignores the good and great human achievement. TV showcases desires, greed, debit and consumerism to keep you enslaved to the banks. Sex is obsessed and downgraded into lust, perversion and fetish rather than the most empowering magick available to every individual. Feelings of inadequacy are played upon so strongly that millions of man-hours and endless energy are wasted at gyms rather than encouraging you to use your energy to pursue things that will give you back your freedom.  If all of the energy from gym equipment was channelled into generating electricity we could run our cities on free power. Instead human life force energy is pointlessly expended and wasted.

So it is not surprising that governments defend our right to have TV in remote areas. Does this make sense? Ask yourself why is the government more interested in providing a national broadband network than a better health care system or improved literacy?

The Truth about Social Media
The promotion of social media should be termed “anti-social media.” It has just been school holidays but the children in my street did not go out to play and interact. They stayed inside watching TV, Facebooking or playing video games. Young couples go on dates but they do not talk. They take their smart phones and spend the time texting and tweeting as they are eating.
This puts me in mind of the Loa Tzu maxim in The Tao chapter 80, on how to control society via making the people content to remain in seclusion and stay at home: -
"Let nations grow smaller and smaller and people fewer and fewer.
Let labour saving devices abound but never get used as the people are provided with everything;
Let the people fear death such that they do not go far from home;
Although there are boats and carriages, there are no places to ride them.
Weapons have they and armour too, but they are hidden and not used.
The people should have no use for any form of writing more complicated than knotted ropes.
Let them be concerned with good food and beautiful clothes; with their homes being beautiful yet uneventful and with customs that do not offend others.
They may be so close that they can hear the barking dogs and the crowing cocks in neighbours lands yet never go there; and folks grow old and will die and never once meet."

It seems ‘the powers that be’ have found a way to achieve this by twisting the internet away from being our best chance of uncensored freedom into social control via social media and government controlled broadband.

The Truth About The National Broadband Network
Added to that, it must be remembered that the internet, from its inception, was a National Security Network tool. Permission was granted for it to be utilized by universities so that governments could track radicals in these hot beds of human thought. When its use became popular ‘the powers that be’ lost control of this tool to control the masses. For one brief instance we have enjoyed freedom of speech as the Internet became privatised. However, Twitter is about to be sued for being an uncensored neutral tool for freedom of expression. How can the governments regain control of something like twitter that was used to remove a government in Egypt and Syria? Easy, if they make it a government-controlled server agsin, undercutting the private servers, then things that are unapproved will be speedily removed.

The Truth About The “Problem - Reaction - Solution” Scenario
They want to take away our ability to “See - Question - Think and say No!” They want to substitute it with the oldest form of population control by propaganda, the “Problem - Reaction - Solution” scenario. It means that when a crisis occurs the public reacts by saying “something should be done about this,” to which the government provides a solution. This process should be called: “The artificially created problem – Media dictated reaction – Forced into one forgone conclusion.”

Example: Problem A: “9/11 and the Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Reaction - huge media coverage to promote feelings of being unsafe from terrorists resulting in a public out cry to “Protect us.” ” Solution - “War against Terrorism,” which really means new laws, which equate to huge losses of individual rights. Most governments can now legally detain you without reason and without access to any legal council for as long as they want. True result: The government got what it wanted but the public didn’t.

Another example: Problem B: “School shootings against ever younger and more defenceless targets” Reaction -  “A huge media coverage to promote feelings of being unsafe from guns.” Solution – Gun controls, that really means public disarmament and the loss of our right to defend ourselves. True result: The government got what it wants but the public didn’t.

Remember that there is more than one solution to any problem. Alternatives have been offered.
Alternative Solution to Problem A:
People have long called for their country to not meddle in the politics of nations that do not affect them thus not making their people targets of reprisals.
Alternative Solution to Problem B: The NRA has offered to put an armed guard in every US school, as the government won’t do it.

These are only 2 simple logical alternatives that have been offered yet how much media has been given to these or other viable options? Enough for the public to make an informed decision? Or is the media hypnotising the unthinking into believing there is only one solution? And how good will this one solution really be for you? I am sure that you could think of better ones for yourself.

The Truth About What is Good for Us?
What if most of the things we have been brain washed into thinking are good for us are, in reality, bad for us?

What if cosmetics and the chemicals that we are told to slew on our skin really aged it faster in order for them to sell you more cosmetics? And what if all of those skin care chemicals made your skin far more susceptible to skin-cancer?

It is reasonable to think that these kind of subtle marketing campaigns exist where you pay for the problem and the solution. Especially when you consider the fact that most of the cosmetic companies are owed by the big pharma companies that have cancer treatments to sell.

What if they have known the answer to cancer since 1951, but that we have not been told as big pharma is making billions of dollars out of both the research and the end treatment stages? What if it had been found that cancer performs a positive function in the human body? What if it is supposed to wrap up destructive viruses and toxins and await its own destruction by an enzyme that should be present in our diet but that has been depleted within all modern processed foods? Why are they taking our right away to have the last say on our own medical treatment? In ancient societies it was only slaves who were not allowed to decide their own fate. Have we become a nation of slaves? We need to demand the right to make our own informed health decisions.

What if mega dosing on vitamins is promoted by big pharma, as they now own most of the vitamin companies? Ask yourself, “If they are doing that, what is their real agenda?” as in the past their methods of marketing have been very insidious. What really is in the supplements that you take and are they really good for you? What about mineral supplements? Why aren’t they promoted? Why are they passing laws to prevent us treating simple ailments with proven effective and simple herbal treatments we can grow in our own garden? We have to demand our rights for the freedom to take care of ourselves.

What if immunisation, like the cervical cancer vaccine, which has just been forced on to millions of teenage women and men, is in reality designed to give cancer later in life? What if it is more about the control of the ageing population than hopes of longevity for our children? We have to demand the right to make these decisions for our children.

What if the most encouraged and legislated preservative in modern foods – sulphur dioxide - in everything from breakfast cereals to wine – was a vasodilator known to cause strokes and heart attacks? What if it is being put into our food for the same reason, to help eliminate an ageing population? How would you feel if I told you our governments are seeding clouds with it to try to make it rain even though we have had the wettest season on record in years? We have to demand the plain disclosure of real poisons in our foods and in our environment.

Would you feel helpless, powerless if all of this is true?

The Most Powerful Word
What if I told you that you could do something about it?
All you have to do is to start saying the most powerful word in the universe.


We have a choice. We always have a choice.
We have to demand the reinstatement of all of these rights that we have lost. This is the system that we have co-created with our passivity and apathy. We have been so distracted by our life styles that we have been hoping some one else would do something about it. But it is up to you. We can make a better system if we start demanding that it be so.

The Truth About a Better System
What if someone was to tell you this is the only system that we have?
Then we say “No! Not good enough we want a better one.”

How about the implementation of a yearly referendum of 100 questions on plain English, (not written in legalese) simply stated with a simple yes or no response box that our presiding government must be bound by penalties to enact. Questions that will give us a clear majority decision on things that concern us.

Should we implement the published carbon credit scheme? - Yes or No
Should we utilize nuclear power in Australia? – Yes or No
Should we lower water rates in time of surplus? – Yes or No
If our water is privatised and sold should the ratepayers who paid increased rates to facilitate the infrastructure become shareholders and receive shares of the profits? – Yes or Now!
Should we lower petrol tax? – Yes or No
If yes - What should we cut from our roads budget to do this?
1.     Assign able-bodied recipients of unemployment benefits road-gang time each fortnight? Yes or No
2.     Increase the tax payable by private road toll companies? Yes or No
3.     Should we stop sticking up bloody stupid and very expensive road signs whilst our government is crying poor? - Yes or No

How would we make a system like this work?


There should be a time each year where anybody and everybody can submit potential questions for the referendum and each year the top 100 questions are included on the referendum. If you don’t want to do the referendum, don’t do it. If there are questions on the referendum that you don’t want to answer or that do not matter to you then don’t answer them. That way it is only the individuals who are really concerned about issues, and can be bothered putting in the effort, which will get to have a say about it.

What do you think? Much better much simpler and it could help us to reduce the number of politicians that we are paying a wage to as well! We don’t need anyone who is not working for us and we definitely don’t need elected officials who decide off their own bat to work against us and then incur huge national debit by going against platform policies.

The Truth About Global Warming
Are you going to keep allowing them to invent things like global warming to increase your taxes - when we can all see that we have globally had the successive coldest winters on record for the last 5 years? They said the carbon tax was not going to make a difference yet it has closed may industries, slowed the mining and private home energy bills are sent to rise by 32%. That is a huge difference. And now that carbon credits are being devalued overseas to nothing and our government has valued them so highly they are predicting a huge 12 billion dollar deficit in the next budget. They changed their policies that they were voted in on. They said there would be no carbon credits. Now that it has fallen on its backside, why should we have to pay for it? They have not done it against our will; why not make them personally liable for the debit rather than trying to extort more money out of us? Why not make them pay? Why not give the deficit back to each of them to pay off? Why not let them become the slaves to national debit, instead of them walking away scott free whilst trying to burden us with it?

The Truth About Food and Water
What if the same things are happening with your food and your water? What if the governments are trying to control and price hike your most basic essential needs? Even though there has been mass flooding and dams are full to bursting, water rates everywhere are raising. So install rainwater tanks.
It is a simple thing, if you have solar installed, to additionally install power-storing batteries and take yourself off the grid. Voting with your feet and becoming power self-sufficient is the best solution.
You can grow your own food and collect your own water on the smallest housing block. Even if you live in a unit you can, collect rainwater and grow edible plants in house plant pots. To remain free, keep a stock of food in your house that will last at least 2 weeks. It is far too easy for supermarkets to close as they did during the Queensland floods.
Even your own sewerage can be diverted into a domestic biogas tank that will provide you with freedom from sewerage charges and provide you with a constantly renewing energy source too.
Be prepared and take personal control of your own essential services, food water and power. It is easy. Don’t be lazy and give control of these to others. If you do that, you are giving control of your life to others.

The Truth About The Refugee Crisis
If you are a business owner, are you going to passively allow the government to tell you that you have to pay more and more taxes to the point where it no longer makes sense to be a value producer and makes more sense to be a paid and controlled government slave. Why struggle with crushing business taxes, when the governments are taking enough off you each week to fund 3 people in public housing or newly landed refugees? If you give up and become part of the welfare system you loose your freedom to move. Everything becomes controlled.

Alternatively, what if the government allows individuals who want to open their own homes to refugees or welfarees, and take care of all of their personal expenses, thus effectively adopt them into their families then the rest of us do not have to be penalised and there is no need for inhuman detention centres. Then refugees can be allowed into the country at the rate to which people come forward to sponsor them.

The Truth About the Council Land Grab
What if the council wants to continue to raise your rates and electricity tariffs to the point where no one can afford these essential services any more? Pensioners, who have purchased a home for retirement, should not be forced out of that home simply because the land value around them rises. The cost of essential services has not gone up just the land value. This is the worst kind of criminal fraud and it means none of us own our own homes. What if land value was only dependent upon the purchase value and should not be increased until a family sells its home? Therefore if a home remains in the family for years the land value rates should not rise until that home is sold. Then legacy and inheritance can mean something again.

The Truth About Debit
Are you going to let them create debit for you that will force you out of your home? Are you going to let the rates debit build to the point where they can take your home from you for non-payment within 3 years?  The one thing that should never be able to be stolen, your home, can be take by an increase in council land value. Are you going to sit quietly and let that happen?

No! No! NO!

Debit enslaves. What if it is the agenda of the world banks to enslave nations using the above method on a national basis? What if wars are fought not over national assets like oil but over control of debit? Wars are expensive and they create huge debits that enslave both sides. For you to remain personally free all you have to do is remain debit free. When those advertisements appear on the television offering you everything you want now at a reasonable rate of interest remember that all interest rates rise. Remember all of the homeless after the recent debit crisis in the US. Just say no to debit to remain free.

Joining Our Voices to a Roar
2012 signalled the end of one lone voice crying in the wilderness. Now it is time for us to all speak together. Tell the media; use your social networking before it is too late! Say No! Loud, clear and together – take the power back for you won life today. In ancient Rome it was realised that the power of the government was with the people. To win power you had to please the people. It is time that ‘the powers that be’ realised that the people are not pleased and that they had better get back to the business of pleasing us again.

Copyright © Rev. Dr. S. D’Montford, Tuesday, April 30, 2013 Gold Coast Australia.
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